Film and image


Excerpts from different films


Vormittagspuk (1928)

Film by Hans Richter

violin, clarinet, trombone, percussion and double bass (2020)

Der Mann mit der Kamera (1929)

Film by Dsiga Wertow

piano and electronic (2016/17) (Excerpt from the film)

Rhythmus 21 (1921)

Film by Hans Richter

1st. version, trombone and piano (2015)

2nd. version, flute,  clarinet, trumpet and piano (2015)

3rd. version, piano and electronic (2014)

Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (1920)

Film by Robert Wiene

clarinet, trumpet, trombone,

Klarinette, Trompete, Posaune, organ, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello and Kontrabass

Music production by the Freiburg University of Music and a co-production by the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation and ZDF in collaboration with ARTE.